When L&I decides to dump you, who is going to stop them?

Do Be Afraid Of…

People Who Can Hurt You

  • Employers who are out to get rid of you. For many employers, a job injury is a reason to get rid of you. There are laws prohibiting this. Don’t let them do this to you, and don’t help them out by quiting or giving them “cause” to fire you. See also discrimination protection, number 12, and claim suppression.
  • IME’s (see IME) L&I’s doctors are not there to help you. 
  • Doctors your employer recommends or sends you to. Your employer did that for a reason…
  • Doctors who don’t want to help with your case. The L&I system functions and makes decisions based on expert doctors opinions. If your doctor won’t help, then you don’t have an expert on your side. Be careful here, many good doctors “don’t like L&I” so they “won’t help with the paperwork.” If this describes your doctor then your claim could end badly unless you take action.  Convince your doctor to help or find a doctor who will.
  • Nurse case managers work for the people who hired them. Need I say more? Nurse case manager.
  • Vocational counselors. They have a lot of power over your future. Vocational Counselors.
  • Claims managers who don’t like you. They have a lot of power over your claim. If you get on the bad side of one, things won’t go well for you.
  • Self insured claims. See Definitions – Self Insured
  • Missing a deadline. See Definitions – SOL & Res Judicata

What’s Next?