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Job Modifications

An injured worker with an open claim and a job or job offer, who has restrictions due to their accepted condition(s), may qualify for job modifications assistance. Job modifications are an adjustment or alteration to the way a job is performed. it often involves the purchase or modification of tools, equipment, or appliances.

Requirements for L&I to Authorize Job Modifications.

  1. Open claim and
  2. The worker is limited or restricted in their ability to perform the job requirements because
    • they are in a light duty job and the modification is necessary to return to the job of injury or a
      new job; or
    • they are off work and the modification is necessary to return to the job of injury or a new job; and
  3. An employer – employee relationship exists (they have a job or a job offer).

How Much Funding is Available for Job Modifications?

Up to  $5,000 is available, payable from the second injury fund. The use of job modification does not increase the employer’s L&I premiums.

How to Apply for Job Modifications

Job modifications may be requested by the worker, the attending physician, the vocational counselor, claims manager, or a consulting heath care provider. 

The request is made to the claims manager. The claims manager authorizes a consultation; usually a physical therapist, or occupational therapist, an ergonomic expert, an employer, or possibly an equipment vendor, to assess the work site. 

The consultant generates a report, using the job modifications assistance application (F245-346-000).

If equipment or tools are needed, an ownership agreement is completed and signed. Either the employee or the employer may own the tools or equipment. 

The consultant submits the paperwork and details the to claims manager for a decision. If you don’t like the claims managers decision, you can protest or appeal

Why Ask For Job Modifications Assistance?

Job modifications are designed to encourage employers to modify jobs to retain or hire injured workers.  If you qualify then use it or lose it. 

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