First – at the scene of the car crash More…
*Stop and render assistance to injured victims
*Remove vehicles from dangerous situations. Call a tow truck if necessary. Get your your valuables out of the car when possible if it is going to be towed. 
*Exchange information with other drivers, to include ID and license plate number.
*Get pictures of both cars and the accident scene now, not later.
*Get name, phone and email of witnesses, especially if you were not at fault. 
*Call the police if necessary, especially if you were hit by an uncooperative or drunk driver.
Second – property damage
*Get a rental care until you can get your car back on the road. Repair or replace your car and settle your auto property damage claim
*Read your insurance policies to find the precise coverage you have.
Third – personal injury
*Get medical care, pay the doctor bills and settle your personal injury claim