Unfortunately, wood dust can turn into stone…

Saw DustIt all started with a simple sneeze, but Jose didn’t recollect someone saying Gesundheit. However, speaking only Spanish and some broken English, he would have never understood that. As it turns out, he desperately could have used that wish for good health.

For fifteen years this Hispanic immigrant worked in a dust filled mill that manufactured wood products from treated wood. “Willing to die a slow death” was something his employer should have listed in his job description. You see, they never provided Jose with requisite breathing protection. For numerous years he worked without any protection at all. Later he used simple dust masks, which the mill refused to replace until they were “good and black.”

Because of this total disregard for Jose’s well-being, dust crept into his lungs gradually, over years, slowly snuffing out his life’s force until he died of respiratory failure. He left a grieving widow who was unaware of her right to obtain benefits because of his death.

Jose died from an occupational disease…something that could have been avoided. Each year scores of people face the same fate as Jose and his widow. Unfortunately, they too often believe that death is the final chapter in this tale of corporate poisoning; the end of their rights.

Not so! If someone dies or gets sick from exposures on the job, their beneficiaries may be entitled to death benefits. These benefits won’t bring back a loved one but will certainly help the survivors cope with their grief and sorrow.

We helped Jose’s widow and we want to help you. We understand the types of occupational diseases that arise from laboring in wood mills, wood fabrication and/or wood product manufacturing. Let us explain these rights to you and the benefits available for any occupational disease.

Remember, death is not the end of the story. Calling us is a start toward helping you get what you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation…It’s our thing.

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