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L&I 2019 Cost of Living Increase to be Announced Soon

Every July the Department of Labor and Industries announces the cost of living increase for injured workers receiving wage replacement benefits.  Injured workers with injuries resulting in Permanent Total Disability will also receive the cost of living increase in their lifetime pension benefit paid by the Department of Labor and Industries.

For workers with dates of injury or manifestation on or after July 1, 2011 no COLA adjustments
shall be made until the second July 1st following the date of injury or manifestation.

The Cost of Living percentage is formulated by the state Employment Security Department by analyzing the year over year increase to Washington’s average annual wage.

According to the Employment Security Department, in 2018 the average wage in Washington topped $65,000.  This represents close to a 5 percent increase over the average wage in 2017.

The average weekly wage rose from $1,190 in 2017 to $1,255 in 2018.

Expect to see the Department of Labor and Industries announcement on the L&I 2019 COLA soon.

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