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Take care of yourself

Job injuries are a huge problem. They cause financial strain, physical disability, and mental stress. Injuries to workers threaten families and ruin careers. Serious injuries change lives – and seldom for the better.

Nobody taught you how to survive the effects of a serious injury and effectively handle your claim. 

Get the medical, vocational, financial, and legal help you need as necessary to survive the effects of a serious injury or occupational disease.

Help is available, for example:

    • Complicated medical problems require good doctors. Is your doctor good enough? Will he be there for you later, when you need him? This will help you figure it out. Attending Physician.
    • Loss of job or career necessitates vocational assistance. What is vocational assistance and how do I make it work for me? Check this out. Vocational
    • Failure by the State or Self-Insured company to pay benefits you deserve means you need to deal effectively with your claims manager. If they don’t pay your benefits make them pay a penalty

How to get around this website

This website will provide information you need to help you understand how your claim works and how you can  control the outcome of your case.  

Learn about L&I benefits

This website is designed to help, and to give you some of the specialized knowledge you need to understand the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) claims.

Start with the blue bar across the top of this page.  In the “Know Your Rights” section, select “L&I Benefit Information” or whatever section interests you and learn about the system so you can begin to understand what is happening to you and your claim.  You can also use the index to search for topics alphabetically, or use the search box above to search for specific areas of interest.  

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